Missionaries’ Paradigm Shift

An open letter from Kenya, received (unsolicited) yesterday:


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the support you are giving the Lutherans in Africa (LIA). Through your support, Rev. James May has been able to teach the Word of God in East, Central, South, and West Africa.

Since the Lutheran Church started work in Kenya in the late 1940s, the missionary approach has been wanting. Missionaries spent a lot of time and resources building churches, schools, health facilities, paying and subsiding salaries for pastors and evangelists, just to mention a few. That has been a noble approach then, but it is outdated in this century because it is turning some church leaders to be worshippers of ‘mammon’ (money) instead of nurturing the Church of Christ through the teaching of the Word.

Congregations and parishes which support mission work in Kenya and the entire African continent have to change tact. The best, practical, realistic, and fruit bearing approach should be training pastors, evangelists, and other church workers to teach the Word of God using the literature which is translated by the LHF-A! This approach will make Africans be true teachers of the Lutheran faith and this is the work Rev. James May Jr is doing.

At the end of 2010, Rev. James May taught the Word of God at Itierio, Nyagesa, and Monianku Parishes. His teaching left so big an impact that the Christians from those parishes yearn to be taught the Word more and more. It is obvious that the Christians and the clergy alike are hungry and thirsty for the Word. Therefore, it is a noble gesture to support Rev. James May so that he may continue to provide the Spiritual Food to those who need it. Remember, many are called by God but few respond and Rev. James May is one of them who has responded. Support him!

Rev. James May Jr is young. The energy with which he criss-crosses the entire African Continent teaching the Word of God, is marvellous, breath taking, and daring. Very few missionaries worldwide can do that.

Finally, what Rev. James May Jr and his family need now is your prayers. Furthermore, he needs your sincere support so that God may use him take the Good News to all the peoples of Africa. He may be one but the seeds of the Word of God he is planting through (LIA) will never be in vain. It is never too late for our God to use His true vessels to Christianize Africa!

Thank you and may God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Naphtali M. Igendia
Vice Chairman, LIA and
Senior Translator/Editor, LHF-A