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Righteousness—by working or through faith?

An insight from tonight’s Bible study on Romans 4: It’s not just that we can’t work our way to righteousness by perfect law-keeping. Moreover, the sort of relationship that comes by working is of a different kind from a relationship … Continue reading

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Hearing Is Believing

Sermon preached on Quasimodo Geniti (Second Sunday of Easter) Text: John 20:19–31 (Ezekiel 37:1–14  1 John 5:4–10 ) 15 April 2012 Our Saviour Lutheran Church Fareham It’s one of my favourite paintings, and as far as I know one of … Continue reading

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Believing is seeing

Sermon preached at Our Saviour Lutheran Church on Quinquagesima Sunday, 19 Feb 2012 (typos and all). You can listen to the sermon on the Our Saviour website. ****** Seeing is believing. So we are told, and so we feel. We … Continue reading

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A sermon preached at Our Saviour Lutheran Church on the feast of the Holy Innocents, 2 January 2011, by Pastor Charles Varsogea. Text: Matthew 2: 13-23 I’m not from here. Which means that I need you to answer the following … Continue reading

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“And at the heart of [the] contrast [between Jesus and Moses as new vs. old] are the different functions assigned to obedience under the two mediators. ‘For the Law was given by Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ’ … Continue reading

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Spiritual eating: Taking issue with Chemnitz

Thus in these latter words concerning the salutary use of the Supper there is a description of the spiritual eating of the body of Christ which takes place by faith. And just as the substance of the Supper and the … Continue reading

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Knowing Jesus

This morning, the teacher of the Sunday school at my congregation reported the following conversation she had with one of the children, a 6-year-old boy: Teacher: Why do we read so many different stories about Jesus in Sunday school? Boy: … Continue reading

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Faith, grace, merit

Whenever we speak of justifying faith, we must keep in mind that these three objects belong together: the promise, grace, and Christ’s merits as the price and atonement. The promise is received through faith. Grace excludes our merits and means … Continue reading

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The Futile Church

The Baptist had preached repentance, but it didn’t help. The Church has done the same for two thousand years, and it still doesn’t appear to have helped. It looks like other means are necessary to get people to listen. Shouldn’t … Continue reading

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John the Baptist, faith and doubt

The Gospel reading for this Sunday, Luke 7:2–20, includes John the Baptist’s famous sending of his disciples to ask Jesus whether He “is the one” or whether they should wait for someone else. From time immemorial, scholars and other theologians … Continue reading

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