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“Built on the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets”: Sola Scriptura in Context

Sola Scriptura in Context

This volume brings together the papers presented at last year’s Westfield House Symposium. Here’s the table of contents:

  • Was ist das? The Nature and Basis of Biblical Hermeneutics
    Jeffrey Kloha  (Concordia Seminary, USA)
  • End of Solo: Hearing as a Limb. A response to Jeffrey Kloha
    Boris Gunjević (Croatia)
  • The Word Was God: Inerrancy or Christology?
    David P. Scaer (Concordia Theological Seminary, USA)
  • A Response to David P. Scaer
    Daniel Johansson (Lutheran School of Theology, Sweden)
  • Quia—Quatenus: Scripture and Confession
    Armin Wenz (SELK, Germany)
  • A Response to Armin Wenz
    Joseph Randrianasolo (Madagascar)
  • God has spoken through the prophets … and by the Son: Word of God in Islam and Christianity
    Adam S. Francisco (Concordia University Irvine, USA)
  • Similarities and Differences between the Christian and the Islamic Views of Divine Revelation—Some Aspects and Questions: A Response to Adam Francisco
    Martti Vaahtoranta (Finland)
  • Letter or Spirit? Modern Enthusiasms
    Anssi Simojoki (Finland)
  • A Response to Anssi Simojoki
    Jonathan Mumme (UK)
  • Biblicism and the Imminent Death of American Evangelicalism
    John Bombaro (USA)

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Luther Hall

On Saturday, 25 September 2010, Luther Hall — the new student accommodation building — was opened at Westfield House, Cambridge. The liturgist was Pr. Joel Humann (tutor, Westfield House), the preacher was Dr. Reginald Quirk (Preceptor, Westfield House). The organist and cantor was Pr. Henry Gerike (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis). He also conducted the choir in a Psalm setting he had especially composed for the occasion and dedicated to Dr. Norman Nagel, the first Preceptor of Westfield House. Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn (former Preceptor of Westfield House) formally opened Luther Hall.

Here are some pictures. More will follow.