The BBC and the pro-life movement

I’m posting the content of today’s newsletter from the ProLife Alliance (UK). In my previous post I referred to apathy. Well, here’s an opportunity for simple action. The episode expires by the end of today, so if you want to see it, you need to hurry.

‘Hunter’: A Shameless BBC misrepresentation
January 28, 2009

The BBC shamelessly misrepresented the pro-life movement last week with its crime drama “Hunter” (broadcast on BBC1: 18th and 19th Jan 2009). The two part drama was about a pro-life group that kidnaps two children and threatens to kill them if a pro-life video about abortion is not aired on national television.

View the second part here: (particularly 50 seconds into the program)
– NB: it will only briefly be available for viewing, so view it now if possible.

The BBC has a moral duty to present a fair and balanced view of groups campaigning peacefully for the human rights of unborn children. However, this series demonstrates how biased the BBC can be, by blatantly portraying pro-life campaigners as kidnappers and murderers. This is crude and vicious propaganda: a ’blood libel’ aimed at those who, in the real world, are trying to protect both children and their parents.

By permitting this bizarre and slanderous drama to be televised, the BBC risks tarnishing the image of a peaceful and democratic movement. Would we expect to see a similar storyline about pro-abortionists kidnapping and threatening to murder children to advance their cause? The BBC risks abusing its neutral position to promote the liberal status quo.

Please view the video, and consider making a formal complaint to the BBC here.

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