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“Built on the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets”: Sola Scriptura in Context

Sola Scriptura in Context

This volume brings together the papers presented at last year’s Westfield House Symposium. Here’s the table of contents:

  • Was ist das? The Nature and Basis of Biblical Hermeneutics
    Jeffrey Kloha  (Concordia Seminary, USA)
  • End of Solo: Hearing as a Limb. A response to Jeffrey Kloha
    Boris Gunjević (Croatia)
  • The Word Was God: Inerrancy or Christology?
    David P. Scaer (Concordia Theological Seminary, USA)
  • A Response to David P. Scaer
    Daniel Johansson (Lutheran School of Theology, Sweden)
  • Quia—Quatenus: Scripture and Confession
    Armin Wenz (SELK, Germany)
  • A Response to Armin Wenz
    Joseph Randrianasolo (Madagascar)
  • God has spoken through the prophets … and by the Son: Word of God in Islam and Christianity
    Adam S. Francisco (Concordia University Irvine, USA)
  • Similarities and Differences between the Christian and the Islamic Views of Divine Revelation—Some Aspects and Questions: A Response to Adam Francisco
    Martti Vaahtoranta (Finland)
  • Letter or Spirit? Modern Enthusiasms
    Anssi Simojoki (Finland)
  • A Response to Anssi Simojoki
    Jonathan Mumme (UK)
  • Biblicism and the Imminent Death of American Evangelicalism
    John Bombaro (USA)

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